GridMine is designed to support both Batch and Stream processing. We enable this through support for multiple analytics frameworks and tools including Hadoop, Spark and Storm.

The use cases that can be supported cover practically the entire gamut of processing types such as machine learning, anomaly detection, statistical and predictive analytics. And application types such as log analysis, web indexing, data warehousing, machine learning, financial analysis, scientific simulation, and bioinformatics.

Industrial Automation : Predictive Maintenance & Anomaly Detection

By ensuring timely maintenance of in-service equipment you can not only save costs or staff deployment, but also enhance customer satisfaction.

GridMine supports the reception of data streams from millions of unique devices or sensors. For sensors, we offer support for efficient protocols such as MQTT and CoAP. The data for each device may be processed as distinct streams, or the stream of all devices may be filtered to identify “warn level” indicators. In specific cases windowing of events may also be used to identify correlated events which may predict eventual failure (using a combination of real time feeds with the Storm Trident Framework). GridMine supports multi-channel notifications and data redirection which may be used to push out only warn events into an in-house maintenance workflow.

predictive analytics
machine learning

Text Mining : Trend Detection and Sentiment Analysis

Social Media streams are often used as a mechanism to observe market trends and consumer opinions. The primary mechanism used is to plug-in social media streams (for example from Twitter) and to scan the tweets for mentions of specific watch list phrases and their occurrence frequency. This may be enhanced by using NLP libraries for sentiment detection.

GridMine allows for streams to be processed in real time, and filtered as they arrive in the system. By using GridMine’s modular filter architecture together with open-source NLP tools one can easily filter out the relevant tweets. The filtered tweets may be stored separately from the full stream for further analytics if required, by configuring 2 storage sinks. In order to detect trends the phrase occurrence may be computed over a specific time window using the Storm Trident framework.

Mobile Applications : Analytics and Monetisation

GridMine has some of its origins in the mobile traffic analytics and monetisation space. What we realised is that even medium sized mobile companies are streaming immense amounts of high velocity data. Data which can be easily monetized. And which is equally valuable for historic audience modelling and for taking immediate action.

GridMine offers multiple methods for sending data from devices including REST and WebSockets. The incoming data can be filtered for relevance while being stored for historic analytics. The discoveries of a “relevant event” can be configured to trigger an event in the mobile developers system. By routing through GridMine the developer saves months of time in building a robust data storage system, and instead can focus on developing the right algorithms and filters. GridMine’s REST API allows for data to be queried from within the GridMine data storage and be placed on enterprise portals or even consumer facing ones.

Big Data Analytics

IoT - Data & Analytics Hub

The promise of IoT and a world with billions of sensors in industrial and home automation is quickly becoming a reality. While the discussion is primarily on the wonderful uses of IoT, the reality is that one of the biggest changes that come with it are the torrential data streams that will require to be connected. At the core of any IoT solution lies a robust, secured and compliant data ingestion and storage system.

GridMine provides support for IoT protocols such as MQTT and CoAP, allowing for sensors to stream data into your analytics hub. By plugging in to an MQTT hub GridMine can store all of the communications between devices for historical analysis. With its robust storage and flexible analytics framework it can provide just the right platform on which to base your corporate applications, thereby accelerating the route to market, while reducing development and maintenance costs. GridMine’s operations support team take care of 24x7 systems support, compliance and security and vital backups and data archival.