We have been implementing Big Data Projects since 2010. In 2014 we realised that the deployment and management systems we used for our projects would be in-valuable to any Big Data Project.

We then set out to further refine our platform with a simple goal - 15 minutes to deploy a big data analytics hub.

In the meanwhile we have built a product through 2 major releases and continue to use it in the Big Data Projects that we work on alongside GridMine.

As they say - We Eat Our Own Dog Food.

Dragana Lubarda

Dragana Lubarda


Following a career with Nestle in Switzerland, Dragana went on to join the one of the first European online photo printing companies ColorPlaza, Switzerland. From 2001-2010 she lead the company including during its acquisition by Fotodesk Group. At the Fotodesk Group she was responsible for its build out in Switzerland, Germany, France, UK and Sweden.
Dragana was part of the team which led the management buy-out of the Fotodesk Group and it's subsequent sale to the CEWE group in 2011. Dragana holds an MA in Economics and is conversant in 9 European languages.

Sandra Popovic

Sandra Durakovic

VP Engineering

Has been managing for Bal Lab an extensive big data project in the banking industry for 5 years using a wide range of big data technologies. Delivery experience to European and Asian banks. Prior to that was PM at a large tourism portal. Full line control over engineering. Over the past 3 years, Sandra has been leading the New Zealand Public Cloud Marketplace. Sandra is passionate about Crossfit and loves spending quality time with her daughter.

Masan Lubarda

Masan Lubarda

VP Sales and Partnerships

Masan Lubarda started his career at Fotodesk. Following which he moved to GroupOn as Sales Manager. Masan joined Bal Lab in 2012 and has been Project Manager for a number of products over the past 8 years. Most recently he was the On-site Project Manager for the New Zealand Government’s Public Cloud Market Place. He is passionate about cooking, boxing and loves riding motorcycles.

Balaji Bal

Balaji Bal


Serial Entrepreneur and Engineer. SurfKitchen (sold to Teleca AB 2011), DeviceDriven, FlauntR (founded 2006, sold 2007) and Fotodesk (management buy-out 2011, sold to CEWE Group 2011). Supported multiple companies in corporate turn arounds and M&A. Multiple patents in mobile and telecomms.

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