GridMine provides 15-minute deployment of Big Data Hubs. Any GridMine cluster can be deployed across multiple Cloud Hosting providers, as well as Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean.

Big Data hubs operated by GridMine support a wide and ever increasing range of Open Source framework and tools.

Our commitment is in ensuring the maximum data privacy for the data of your customers in line with EU privacy laws.


GridMine Big Data cluster

When a GridMine cluster is deployed, it first creates a "Super Cluster" which consists of Master and Worker nodes which are all integrated with Software Deployment Agents.

Application frameworks and services are then installed on top of the Super Cluster.

Your applications run on top of the Super Cluster and Frameworks layers, in their own sub-cluster. Sub-clusters are deployed on the Super Cluster using Cluster Blueprints.

Cluster Blueprints define framework combinations together with a sub-set of the servers that are available within the cluster.


cloud provider interface

1. Log in to your cloud provider's management interface

cluster deployment

2. Launch a new instance with GridMine's boot image

cluster setup

3. Go get a coffee (if you are English, tea also works)

big data hub

4. After 15 minutes, your Big Data hub is ready to use


cluster orchestration

GridMine supports the management of the underlying Cloud Infrastructure as well as over 30 Big Data Frameworks and Services. The deployment, monitoring, configuration and management of all of these components can be done using a convenient Web UI based on Apache Ambari.

All GridMine clusters feature their own release-managed software repositories ensuring both robustness and security of the system. GridMine not only version manages and tests the integrations of the Big Data Services, it also version manages your infrastructure - thereby allowing for easy and planned scaling of the underlying infrastructure.